how to clean cat poop on the carpet 2021

How to Clean Cat Poop on the Carpet? (Step By Step Guides)

Carpet is highly preferred by people worldwide to increase the charm of the home and looks exceedingly good. However, the beauty of these carpets is sometimes lowered by some elements. People having cats at home as a pet might be aware of the cat poop on the carpet. Cat poop makes your carpet stinky and ceases the character of that carpet. There are plenty of reasons that make cat poop on the rugs and carpets, these activities are noticed when someone visits our home, and we feel embarrassed. 

Why does your cat poop on the carpet?

There are several spots where pets can poop but somehow, only rugs and targeted for the secretion of waste material. Inappropriate elimination is the activity that almost every trained cat performs, and practically every cat owner experiences these issues. There are plenty of reasons why cats poop chooses carpets only for inappropriate elimination.

Behavior issues 


The cats get attached to the owner and home in no time is and if you shift from one place to another from time to time and allows an outsider to stay in your house for days can be the primary reason. These little trained cats are not comfortable sharing owners with any other pet. These can be the primary reason for stress in the house. To eradicate these issues, you need to spend more time with your pet so that the cat feels more comfortable even in a new environment.

Unwanted litter box

Litter is the only place where the cat is supposed to poop; however, these boxes are pretty compact and uncomfortable to poop in contrast to the rug. Pooping on the carpet offers more comfort to the cats. Hygiene of the litter box is one of the crucial factors determining whether the cat will perform inappropriate elimination. There are plenty of other factors that make your cats, too, unlike the litter box you offer to cats. 

Existence of new cat

Cats are pretty sweet and do not want to share the master with anyone when you introduced a new cat in your home; your old cat might get jealous. The cats might be jealous of the new cat and try to line her area. 

Lack of training-little box training is essential if you need to stop the inappropriate elimination of the cats. If you have done some work on your cat and she is still behaving negatively, you might need to repeat the process.

Medical issues 

The primary reason for inappropriate pooping is medical issues; the rug’s fiber attracts the most cats to poon on. Before you examine yourselves’ motivations, you need to take the cat to the vet; the doctors will perform plenty of tests and ask if there are any symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea. The doctors will examine the stomach and intestinal health of the cats and will ask you if there is any change in appetite or not. 

The standard lab test is blood tests, X-rays which determine whether your cat is healthy or not. Problems like constipation also may result in appropriate poop as once the pressure is reviled, there might no time for the cat to reach the litter box. Other appetite conditions like no urge of hunger or to eat food can also result in cat poop on a carpet.

The position in which they poop on the carpet is much more relaxing in contrast to a poop box, discomfort in reaching the litter box cause inappropriate elimination as they cannot hold the poop for a longer time. 

How to clean cat poop on the carpet?

How to clean cat poop on the carpet - Image By carpetandrugworld

Cleaning cat poop may sound like a complicated task, but actually, it is not; you need few objects to clean up the mess. However, the poop is smellier and contains tons of bacteria, so you have to take full precautions to keep yourselves safe from the bacteria and stuff. 

Steps you need to take 

  • Wear a pair of gloves and mask if available 
  • Some unused defective old clothes 
  • Paper towel 

Once you pick all these objects in your hand, you have to remove the bulk; you can have to pick up the poop with your latex-gloved hands, throw the poop in a safe place. After you have picked up your cat’s poop, clean up the mess with a paper towel

What If It Looks Clean But Still Smells?

What If It Looks Clean But Still Smells - Image By ourpet

After cleaning the poop, there are still some issues that you will confront, and one of them is the smell of the poop stain. There are several natural components that you need to get rid of the smell of cat poop.

Things you need are:

  • Citric juice 
  • Old clean cloth 
  • Vinegar 
  • Bicarbonate of soda (baking soda will work)
  • Water and a bucket

Once you have picked these objects, all you need to do is 

  • use the hybrid of vinegar and baking soda and pour it on minimal marks of the poop if 
  • use an old towel so that the strain can rest over the towel
  • if the stain is stubborn enough, use the procedure once again

Disinfectant and decolorizer 

Instead of using bleach after the cat poop, you should use a reliable enzyme cleaner. This will ultimately kill all the infection present on a carpet and maintain the rug’s color; these cleaners even offer a mild odor. 

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How to Prevent Future Accidents

How to Prevent Future Accidents - Image By carpetandrugworld

There are plenty of tasks that you need to do to prevent future accidents, check them out:

Change the litter box.

Cases are seen where most of the cats hate the litter box as these relatively compact and uncleaned. You need to maintain proper hygiene of these litter boxes to reduce the chances of inappropriate elimination. 

Clean the evidence

Cleaning the evidence daily will help you a lot in the future. 

Repeat little box

Little box training is mandatory to eradicate the issues of inappropriate pooping.

Spend time with your pet

If there are any new changes in the environment, you need to spend more time with your pets to make them comfortable.