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How To Protect Carpet From Pets?

If you have pets, then you might have probably realized by now that how difficult it could be for you to protect your carpets from them. Moreover, you will encounter more hassles with your dogs, and you might vacuum your carpet a couple of times to maintain the cleanliness of the carpet. 

Also, you can purchase medium-tone carpets incorporated with several colors to hide pet dirt. There are numerous ways to protect your carpets from pets. If you are wondering How to Protect Carpet From Pets? You have visited the right place! You can try the below-mentioned methods, which will help you safeguard your carpets from your pets. 

How To Protect Carpet From Pets

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Steam Clean

In order to clean your carpet having pet stains, you can make use of the steam cleaning method to make it look like a new one. Moreover, it is considered convenient and most comfortable to clean any surface, and you can clean your carpet, upholstery, curtains, windows, and drapes. Steam cleaner machines also come with multiple accessories like different brushes and nozzles, which allow you to clean hard-to-reach places and leverage the other benefits of steam cleaning. 

One should steam clean their carpet once a month, helping them get rid of pet dander, hair, and saliva. Moreover, you can make use of a mild cleaner to keep the delicacy of your carpet. The best thing about steam cleaning is that it will remove even the toughest stain in a matter of minutes and save you from hours of scrubbing and rinsing the carpet. Thus, it will make the clean process much easier and comfortable for every person.

Carpet Powder

Another way to keep your carpet is to purchase a carpet powder specially developed for pets. All you have to do is sprinkle the carpet powder on your carpet and leave it for several hours to settle down according to the instruction given in the packet. After few hours, you need to vacuum your carpet to maintain the quality of carpet fibers.

Vacuum Regularly

If you have pets in your house, then it is vital for you to keep your carpet clean. Thus, it would be great for you to clean the carpet twice a week to get rid of pet dander from the fibers of the carpet to make it look like a new one. Moreover, when vacuuming the carpet, you might have to move the furniture because the pet dander and hair are more like moving underneath the furniture and preventing you from cleaning the carpet properly. However, pet dander and hair can get inside the carpet, so it is essential for you to clean the carpet thoroughly to get rid of them.

Buy Stain-Resistant Carpet

Stain-resistant Carpets are quite expensive, but they are most likely to last longer than other carpets. Moreover, these carpets are integrated with a protective layer to prevent dust and stain from entering the carpet fibers. Apart from the protective layer, they are so durable that they can withstand being steam cleaned and vacuumed. The best part about Stain-resistant Carpet is that they will look new and fresh after cleaning.    

Clean After Pet Accidents

It would be better for you to clean the pet accidents immediately to prevent the chances of odor and stain. You can make use of paper towels and put pressure on them using your shoes. It will help you soak all the urine and prevent it from spreading all over the carpet. You must continue this process until your paper towels do not comes out dry. After that, you need to create a solution of one tablespoon of ammonia and one cup of water, mix it thoroughly and fill it in a spray bottle. 

Now, you need to spray the solution on the affected area and leave it for ten minutes to let it settle down. After 10 minutes, make use of a brush to remove and clean the stain spot. Once you are done, you have to vacuum the area thoroughly as it will help you prevent the stain from spreading and eradicate the odor from the carpet.

Use Hardwood Or Tile Entrance         

After coming back from a walk with your dog at the time of raining or snowing, it would be great for you to make use of tile floor entrance or hardwood with a rug, where you can step on and clean your muddy or wet shoes. To prevent the chances of getting wet feet prints on the carpet, you need to use hardwood or tile entrance to ensure you and your dog are correctly wet to enter your house. Moreover, it is liable that some dogs are like to play in the mud or like to splash a little bit of mud or water due to their size. It would be better for you to keep a towel handy near the entrance door to wipe out all the mud and prevent your pet from leaving prints on the floor. Though, one should know that some kinds of mud are likely to affect the fibers of carpets.

Prevent Your Pet From Scratching On The Carpet

Most pets are likely to play with the things present in the home, and they are most likely to put scratch the fibers of your carpet. Therefore, it is essential for you to teach your pets not to scratch the carpet and teach them how to behave. Thus, good and active habits will make them happy and prevent them from doing such activities.

 Trim Their Nails

The nails of your pets can potentially damage the fibers of the carpet. Therefore, to prevent this from happening, you need to trim the nails of your pets. Moreover, you can use a pet nail file to get better results as it will make their nails smooth and help protect the hardwood floors and carpet.



Now you know How to Protect Carpet From Pets, follow these methods to maintain cleanliness and extend your carpet’s life.