How Much Does It Cost To Clean An Oriental Rug

How Much Does It Cost To Clean An Oriental Rug?

If you have a rug in your living room or bedroom, it looks so amazing and beautiful but cleaning them can be quite an expense. But it is also essential for a person to clean that rug because if it is dirty, it can make it look so bad. One can’t really do it on their own, so it is crucial to ask for professional services. While you are spending money on the carpet, it is also important you have complete knowledge about that.

If you are going to clean your rug for the first time and do not know about the oriental rug cleaning cost, then read this article and get to know about it more.

The Cost of Cleaning the Rug

To clean the rug, there is always the different ways to clean it, and with that, these rug cleaners charge the different amount for it. There are several factors on which the cost of cleaning them depends on. The factors such as rug size, the cleaning method, type, etc. The rugs can be square, rectangle, or round in shape, and to clean them, there are different processes, so it is important to know about that and then evaluate the cost of cleaning them.

Factors Of Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost

 If you look closely, then there are so many factors that a person has to consider while determining the cost of cleaning the rugs. But it is narrowed down to the three most crucial factors, which are mentioned below. We will now determine the cost of cleaning the rugs based on that-

Rug Type

The more expensive the cost of the rug, the more expensive will be the cost of cleaning them. There are some rugs which are costly when you buy them, just like that there are rugs which are more expensive to clean. It is based on the fabric that it has. For instance, if you have synthetic fiber, then it is less expensive to clean. On the other hand, if you want to clean any natural fiber rugs such as wool, chiffon, or cotton, they have to clean them with more dedication, so that is why it is 30% more expensive to clean them.

If we talk about the silk rugs and the Navajo wool, then these can be expensive up to 50%, and the oriental rugs, which are also known as the old rugs, can be even more expensive. It is also not possible to determine the expense because the price varies from the material.

Rug Size

If you are determining the cost of cleaning the rug, then it is quite easy to understand in terms of the size. It is because the larger will be the rug, the more expensive it will be to clean. Just like if you have a small rug, then the cost of cleaning it is less expensive. But the type of carpet still matters.

Cleaning Method

Rug Cleaning Method - Image By ezrugcleaning

There are plenty of methods to clean the rug, some of these methods are more expensive, and some are not. If you want to best result, then it will depend on the way that you have chosen. 

  • The first method is dry cleaning area rugs in which there is no use of water, and a powder detergent is used which is applied on it which attract all the dirt and soil. Then it is extracted by the powerful vacuums, and if your vacuum is not enough, then the powder will remain in the carpet.
  • The next is steam cleaning, and there is water spray at very high pressure, which forces the dirt and germs out of the rug, and with the vacuum, it sucked out.
  • One of the cheapest methods is rug shampooing which only works when you put carpet shampoo and generate the foam from it. The problem is it stays wet even after cleaning.

Other Cost of Oriental Rug Cleaning

 There are some other factors on which the oriental rug cleaning cost depends, or you can say this is some extra charges that you have to bear while cleaning them, and those factors are mentioned below: 

Rug Repair

Sometimes there is a need to repair the rug, and if it will not, then the machine may damage or ruin the rug. It is better to give that to a professional who will repair that before cleaning so that it will not ruin your carpet.

Stains and Odor Removal

If your rug has any stain or some kind of odor in it, then the rug cleaner may ask you for some extra charges. So it requires some extra cleaning which can be different from the normal so they may ask you to bear some extra charges.

Extra Charges For Picking Up

Suppose you ask your rug cleaner to pick up your rug for cleaning and then deliver it after cleaning. Then they may ask you for some extra charges, which is also known as the travel fees.

How to Pick A Good Professional?

The last thing that you need to do is to choose the professional to clean your rug. It is better to choose the right person instead of cleaning your rug twice. You can search online for the best rug cleaner near you and read the reviews on their website. If you think that, if the particular cleaner is best an experience then only you should go to them. 

There is nothing more expensive than having your rug ruined, so it is essential for you first check and then choose the cleaner which is better for you. You can also check their certification if they have any before giving them your rugs, or you can ask for the suggestion from your friends and family.


 A person may have got pretty much an idea that what are the things that they have to think or consider while giving their rugs to clean. If they want to evaluate the cleaning charges, it is vital to consider all the above points.