How to cut an area rug

How to Cut an Area Rug? ( Step By Step Guides 2021)

Rug embraces the beauty of your home by adding an exceptional warmth to your home; there are plenty of variants in the rugs in terms of size and shape, and to make your rug look better, you need to make it fit completely in your room. Trimming a rug according to the size of the home might size complicated, but actually it is not. The task is quite simple to follow few tips in order to make your rug look pretty in your house.

How to cut an area rug If Your Rug is Too Big?

How to cut an area rug If Your Rug is Tool Big

The rug is a carpet which is a bit shorter in length but still looks beautiful. It offers an external warmth to your house, and you can add it to your home. There are plenty of ways to cut an area of the rug if your rug does not fit well. Cutting is the major process that you need to care about while installing a rug into your home. If you inappropriately cut the rug, there is no going back. It can put a deep cut on your wallet. You can use a carpet knife to cut the carpet, as any other sharp object will not do the job.

How to Resize Your Rug For Your Room?

How to Resize Your Rug For Your Room - Image By carpetandrugworld

There are tons of methods to resize the rug for your room. Resizing a rug is essential as it makes your carpet look much better. The process is quite basic, and you don’t need to put a lot of effort into resizing the carpet. You need to follow a few tips mentioned below and bear in mind that you need to be very careful while resizing an expensive rug so let’s dive in.

Measure the size that you need 

To reduce the chances of mistakes, you can measure the size of the room for which you want that rub to be installed. Bear in mind that once you have cut a piece of rug, there is no going back, so you have to measure the rug with full concentration. 


Marking the measures you have taken on the rug itself is a great tip to follow. You can use the straight scale or footer for marking the measures onto the rug.


This is one of the most crucial steps for resizing your rug. As mentioned ahead, once you cut the rug, there is no going back for proper cutting. You need to perform the above steps adequately and with full efficiency. You can cut the rug with either carpet knife on any sharp object that is potent to cut the rug smoothly.


Edges embrace the beauty of rugs and are primarily important to make a rug look good. These DIY methods are the economical method to resize your rug. There are several efficient ways to make the edges of the rug smooth. 

How to Repair Your Old Rug?

People having a rug at their home might face this issue once in their life when they need to get their rug replaced, but the only mistake they make is they always think of replacing a very expensive rug. However, it is possible that you can get your old rug repaired. There are several ways by which you can get your rug repaired. 

Basic damage that can be repaired

Some basic damage can be repaired easily; the most common repair you need is fringing. Here is good news for you. Getting fringes of the rug is quite handy and not expensive. You just need to hire a reliable professional. 


This is the second category for repair, and the damage is a little bit complicated to repair, but it is possible to repair.

Repairing the sides

Repairing sides is not that difficult. The rug professional will cover the defective side with warm wool, which reduces the damaging of ends. The quality of warm wool only depends upon the quality and primary color of the rug. 

Repairing a hole 

Repairing a hole is quite a complicated task as it requires reweaving the hole of the rug. The foundation is one of the crucial parts of getting a hole repaired. However, there are thousands of professionals for whom the task is quite simple, and the process is economical. 

How to bind carpet yourselves? 

Binding carpet yourselves might sound complicated, but actually, it is not. You can bind a carpet yourselves very efficiently and productively. You will need equipment to get your project done that are glue, scissors, a home depot, and a carpet remnant.

After taking this equipment, you are required to execute the following steps to bind the carpet. 

  • You might have noticed that there is an adhesive part under the rug, remove that part and make it meet with the binding
  • You need to cut the edges of the excess binding, which makes it look more sharper 
  • Fold the excessive ends of the binding 

How Much Does It Cost To Bind and Cut A Rug?

As mentioned ahead, carpet is the process that is needed to enhance the edges of the carpet by a great material of the fabric, hot glues, and many other stuffs. You can fix these elements with hefty sewing machines or just glue.

The cost only depends upon your requirements. If you want a high-quality binding, the cost will be much higher. The price may vary from material to material 1.60$ to 5.00$ is the standard foot, and you can even cut the rug on your own.

How to Resize Your Rug For Your Room - Image By carpetandrugworld

The above mentioned is a complete breakdown of how to cut an area rug. There are plenty of methods by which you can repair a rug, and you can also cut a rug on your own, but you have to take care of few factors like measuring, cutting, and marking on the rug. Binding is crucial to make the edges of the rug smooth and does not cost much you can even bind these carpets on yourself. In a nutshell, rugs embrace the beauty of your home, and repairing is also an option.