Dogs Suddenly eat Your Carpet

Dog Ate Your Carpet? What To Do If Your Dog Suddenly Eats Carpet?

Dogs are the most loyal and loving companion for a human. Dogs provide you with love, affection, care, and unconditional love. Pets are adorable. They wait for you to return home after they haven’t seen you the whole day. They do different playful tricks to make you laugh and feel loved. But sometimes, your dog might also show some strange behavior that you won’t understand. This behavior might have just erupted out of nowhere. Any behavior like if your dog suddenly eats carpet might make you question yourself, but this could be due to some underlying cause that might be beyond your understanding.

So, today we are trying to unfold some reasons behind this behavior, which will provide you with a better understanding of your dog’s behavior. This will also help you to take better care of your dog.

Why Do Dogs Suddenly Chew Your Carpet? 

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  • Teething – If you have a small puppy and see them chewing your carpet, it is probably because of teething. The eruption of new teeth gives a sensation where a puppy would want to chew on anything and everything, especially soft rubber or cloth material. The teething period may arise and stop in a puppy from 3-6 weeks.
  •  Boredom – Sometimes, dogs also chew on the carpet just because they are bored. This is not bad for the dog because they are doing so just to keep themselves engaged in some physical activity.
  •  Grazing – If you find out that your dog is grazing on the grass, it might be because your dog is unwell and wants to puke, although it might be the other way around that the dog might be puking because of grazing.
  • Pica – When you see that your dog has been chewing on random non-edible stuff like plastic, wood, or rock, it might be going through a condition called pica. Pica can occur due to a lack of nutrition. Pica is an uncontrollable eating disorder. Pica can prove to be very harmful to your dog as they might swallow a toxic substance or a strong, rigid material that might get stuck in the food pipe. It can disrupt and damage the digestive system and the intestine. Treatment of Pica requires blood, urine, and stool test of your pet. Pica can also arise because of separation or lowliness feeling in your pet. So if your dog suddenly eats carpet, it may be because of pica.

Does Eating Carpet Hurt Your Dog?

Eating anything that is not appropriate for the stomach of your pet can be a cause of concern. Dogs tend to puke everything they engulfed that is not food. But if your dog did not puke the non-edible part, it may result in more serious issues. So, if your dog suddenly eats carpet and you see any carpet particles or blood in their stool, immediately take your dog to a vet.

What to Do if Your Dog Suddenly Eats Carpet?

What to Do if Your Dog Suddenly Eats Carpet

 Don’t appreciate your pet for things that can harm their health, refrain them from such activities as chewing on random stuff. It can cause them digestive and intestinal issues and can even choke them.

At first, when you realize that your dog has chewed on the carpet, see the amount of carpet been chewed by them. Help them to vomit, so no unwanted carpet cloth remains inside their stomach. If the dog has eaten a lot of the carpet cloth seeking help from a vet as soon as possible is the best option. After the treatment from a vet, keeping an eye on your pet to see if they are still suffering through some discomfort or new illness is necessary.

How to Stop A Dog from Chewing Carpet?

 Take them for regular exercise and play with them. Playing with your pet keeps them engaged and busy. Give them toys to play with so that they don’t pay attention to the other random harmful stuff. Give them good training so that they can make a difference in what is good for them. See that your puppy doesn’t feel alone and isolated ever. If you still experience some trouble with your chewing habits, seek help from a vet.

How to Fix A Carpet After Your Dog Ate Carpet?

How to Fix A Carpet After Your Dog Ate Carpet

If your dog suddenly eats carpet and has torn the expensive carpet and you don’t want to buy a new one. You can rather fix it by the following methods:

  • Using tweezers to remove the plunging hair off your carpet can help you eliminate the minor distortion of the carpet caused by your dog.
  • Use latex adhesive or carpet tape to fix seams lying below the carpet hair. Sometimes dogs take hold of these underlying seems in their teeth and start chewing them. This adhesive latex fixes the loose seams and strings.
  • You can use a sewing machine to fix the torn and tattered part of your carpet with matching thread and design. This will make your carpet look completely fine, and the torn part will go unnoticed.


Dogs love playful creatures. Along with being loyal, it is also very smart and obedient if trained properly. The critical condition of a dog because of chewing carpet is very rare. Dogs take care of us by warning us about any stranger or strange activity with their barking habit. A friendship is always a give and takes relation. We need to take care of our dogs. Practice proper hygiene, take them to a vet regularly for vaccination and check-up, provide them with proper food and nutrition, play with them take them for a morning and evening walk. Provide them with proper sleep and rest. Ensure that they don’t poop at random places in the house, especially not in the kitchen and near children.

Caring for your pet guarantees them a longer and healthier life, which every pet owner wants. So, take care of your companion. It will not only benefit your pet but also provide you with mental sanity and peace.