Can wool rugs cause allergies 2021

Can Wool Rugs Cause Allergies?

If someone suffers from an allergic condition in your home, then you should put every possible effort into maintaining the conditions suitable for them. A wool rug does not cause any type of allergy, even in sensitive people, as it is a hypoallergenic material. The dust and dirt particles do not stick to the woolen rugs; therefore, they are safe to use. The woolen rug act as a natural filter that absorbs the dust mites and the other microbes that can cause allergy.

 The absorption of organic compounds is the quality that makes the woolen carpets and rugs preferable in the houses. These rugs enhance the indoor air quality and hence are highly preferred over other materials. Scrubbing and cleaning the floors are not the only factors that one should consider to keep the house clean. 

The rugs that you place into the house should be of hypoallergenic material to create an allergy-free environment in the home. Whatever dust, dirt, and allergens enter your house with the clothes and shoes will lie on the floor, and the woolen rugs will ultimately absorb them, creating a microbe-free environment.  

Why Do Rugs Cause Allergies?

Why Do Rugs Cause Allergies?

Rugs of certain materials cause allergies because they trap the dust, pollen grains into them. The allergy-causing components stay in the long fibers of the rug for a longer time and result in allergic reactions. Every person must know the material that can cause allergy and absorb such allergens to get the hypoallergenic rugs for their home. These dirt particles can enter the home and stick to the rugs for a long time, ensuring the house gets cleaned up regularly and properly.

What Rug Materials Can Cause Allergies?

When you get the rugs for your home, you have to do proper research to avoid getting the material to cause allergy. The most common factor that creates allergy is the dust, dirt particles, and pollens, which can negatively impact your dwelling space. Due to long fibers, rugs can become the home to these allergens, and the fibers can emit these particles back into the air, degrading the indoor air quality. 

Not all the rugs are home to the allergen, but there are few trials that you should never consider buying if someone is sensitive to the allergy-causing particles in the home. Mostly all the synthetic rugs except polyester, wool, nylon, and polyurethane cause allergies due to the release of organic compounds that are volatile. Therefore, synthetic rugs are not suitable for homes with kids and allergy-sensitive people.

Can Wool Rugs Cause Allergies?

Can wool rugs cause allergies?

Wool is a natural fiber obtained from the sheep and is classified as the people’s favorite fiber. It is because even people allergic to other fibers can wear woolen clothes comfortably. Wool is generally the safest and best material as it does not cause allergies; therefore, using the woolen rugs in the dwelling place will offer many benefits.

 Wool rugs behave like the natural cleaner for the air as they can trap the allergens, but you need to clean it up regularly to maintain the hygienic condition. Wool rugs have a low amount of permethrin, and this substance can terminate the growth of insects by killing them; this means woolen rugs are safe to use and suitable for asthma and allergy-sensitive people.

Are wool rugs hypoallergenic?

Yes, wool rugs are hypoallergenic, as scientific surveys have shown woolen rugs’ effectiveness for allergic people. The common components in the air can be readily absorbed by wool, and it is why wool rugs are safe and prevent any kind of allergy.

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What does a wool allergy look like?

People with wool allergy may develop rashes due to itching, and these can be a lot irritable. There are some other symptoms to identify wool allergy.

  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Cough and the running nose

Researchers consider that wool contains lanolin that is the major component of allergy, and it is highly common for babies.

Properties of wool

Wool is vitally used in the textile industries and harvested from animals. It is a natural fiber and is a luxury fabric, and all the credits go to the large number of properties that wool defines.

Hydrophobic on the exterior and hygroscopic at the interior side

  • Wool can attract and repel water, so when you touch the material, it will feel dry on the outer side but humid on the inner side.
  • Wool can even absorb gas molecules and other organic compounds. Therefore it can reduce the proportion of pollutants in the environment.

Hypoallergenic behavior

  • Wool is a great hypoallergenic material as it prevents allergic reactions by restricting the growth of bacteria and other microbes.
  • Even the microscopic dust mites cannot grow in the woolen rugs or woolen cloth, thus preventing allergies.

It can be easily cleaned

  • Wool can be easily cleaned as it removes the dust particles faster than other synthetic rugs and clothes; you have to put a little effort.
  • You can use vacuum suction to remove the dust and dirt from the woolen rugs.

Thick fibers

The woolen fibers are thick and long compared to other synthetic materials and cannot be ingested, making them a safe material even if you have babies in the house.

How to Get Rid of New Rug Allergies

To treat rug allergies, you have to follow certain tips.

  • Maintain the hygienic conditions and clean the rug with a vacuum at least once a week.
  • Try to decrease the humidity levels in the house so that the microbes do not increase.
  • Provide steam to the rugs to clean them completely, and it is essential if the rugs are new.
  • You can wash the rugs in hot water to clean them up.
  • During the pollen season, try to keep the window shut to minimize dust and pollen grains.


To sum up, the dust and dirt particles get trapped in the rugs; also, one should install the hypoallergenic rugs in the home, and wool is one such material that can be used as it acne efficiently replace the synthetic rugs. There are certain other properties of wool that make it the best rug material.

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