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Types Of Rugs

If you are new to rug shopping, then it is quite easy for you to get overwhelmed by various types of rugs available in the market. Moreover, each rug type is attached with lofty price tags, making it challenging to the right one for your needs. When picking up the right rug comes down to three main considerations: placement, style, and budget. However, some of you also may consider other factors like how long you intended to keep it, how convenient it is to clean a rug, and whether you have your specific preferences for a particular type of materials. Hence, before you go looking for the best rugs for your area, it would be great for you to get familiar with the different types of rugs material present in the market ranging from synthetic to natural fibers. Here is a list of the top 8 rug materials you need to know and choose the right rug material before buying any rug.

Types Of Rugs

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Microfiber/Polyester Rugs

Microfiber is a synthetic rug material, and there are either made from 100% polyester or a mixture of synthetic and polyester fibers. Moreover, microfibers rugs make use of small strands of thread to make a plush feel. These types of rugs are great for quick pop color without much investment.

Polypropylene Rug

Numerous rugs are manufactured using synthetic materials like nylon, polypropylene, viscose, or polyester. Moreover, these rugs are relatively thinner than wool rugs but can provide the same level of softness. The best thing about this rug material is that they are budget-friendly, which means they are affordable. Moreover, these are ideal for high-traffic locations like dining rooms, entryways, bedrooms, and outdoors.

Faux Fur/ Faux Hide Rugs

Faux fur rugs are made of synthetic and acrylic blends, which are also known as power-woven. These rugs are ideal for those individuals who want the luxury of animal hide or fur without even worrying about how these were manufactured. Though there is one downside of these rugs, they are more prone to shedding and are not easy to clean.

Leather, Hide, And Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin and leather rugs are made from animals’ hides. Though leather can be made of woven strips, sheepskins and hides are completely made of animal hides. These Types of Rugs are ideal for small spaces, luxurious layering, and awkwardly shaped rooms. Sheepskin rugs are relatively easy to clean as you can wash them as you do with your hairs, making them perfect for layering on the furniture or even right next to your bed for something soft to step on every morning. Though the hides’ downside is that they can curl up at the edges and shed, but you can fix them quickly. 

Jute And Bamboo Rugs

Jute and bamboo are also natural rug materials, which can add coastal vibes to indoor spaces. With economical prices, these are a good choice for rooms and spaces that need texture, especially in areas where a large rug is required. Moreover, you can layer them underneath a small carpet to make use of both rug materials. But one should be careful about where they are placing the rug because some of them can absorb stain, which will be challenging for you to clean. However, if you are buying this natural fiber rug, it would be better for you to check whether it is approved for the outside elements or not.

Cotton Rugs

Cotton is a playful and inexpensive rug material that will suit everyone’s budget and consider it the best alternative to expensive rugs made of silk or wool. Moreover, cotton does not repel stains, but it tends to fade quickly. So, one should know that cotton rugs will last for decades. Though, one can use these types of rugs in casual spaces; and are considered a good option, as you can change the carpet depending upon your mood or season.

Silk Rugs

Silk rugs are made of delicate material, making them difficult to clean, so these types of Rugs are best for space with very low-traffic. It does not matter whether it is 100% silk or a blend of silk; these rugs can give out a luxurious shine compared to other fibers. In addition, silk rugs are often fine, thin, and soft to the touch. Though, rugs made of real silks are considered slightly less durable.  

Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are made of natural fibers traditionally hand-tufted, hand-woven, hand-loomed, or hand-knotted. Moreover, machine-loomed wool rugs are available, but these are made of synthetic fibers that means not authentic wool. Genuine wool rugs are quite expensive as they include extensive work in designing and building them, providing you with an excellent quality rug. However, wool rugs are often passed from generation to generation, making them a superb heirloom investment. Considering its robustness, wool rugs are perfect for high traffic spaces, like the bedroom, entryway, and living room.


Things You Need To Know Before Choose The Right Rug Size

Things You Need To Know Before Choose The Right Rug Size

Not sure about the right rug size for your space? Here, you will get the right essential considerations before choosing the correct size.


Either you can layer a large rug all around your bed or make use of runner rugs on both sides of the bed to provide your foot with a cozier foundation.

Living Room

For large rooms, you need to ensure that your rug is large enough to fit the furniture completely, but if you want to cover the hallway, you have to make sure that the front two legs of every piece of furniture are on the rug. Moreover, for small spaces, you need to use a rug under the table or specific seat.

Dining Room

Ensure that you choose the right rug size, which should cover your chairs and table, so you buy according to the table’s size and ensure that chairs do not go off the rug when pushed back.


You can consider layering your runner rug in the hallway by pushing aside all the furniture. And a most common space for a runner rug is one side of the hallway. 


The Kitchen has a lot of traffic; hence, placing a small rug in front of the sink would be better, or a most common use of runner rugs would be putting them at the center of the island or in the narrow galley kitchen.  


That’s all in this guide, and now you know what types of rug material are available out there and how you can choose the right rug size for your space.