Can Carpet Beetles Live In Your Hair 2021

Can Carpet Beetles Live In Your Hair?

Carpet beetles can be a lot annoying and can disturb the home’s environment. You will find different names for this organism, and it can be highly problematic if it enters your home. You will find it challenging to eliminate these beetles, but you can achieve it with proper solutions. These beetles are most commonly found on the carpets but can live in the hairs too. These organism crawls and can cause skin irritation.

Can carpet beetles live in your hair?

The essential oils in the hair of a human being seem attractive to these beetles, which is the reason that accounts for the hairs being a favorable living space as they can bite your hairs. If staying in the hairs for a prolonged time, they can cause displeasure and irritate you as it is obvious that your hair and scalp will become unhygienic. 

Carpet beetles are dangerous; therefore, if you or any person is known to you is suffering from the infestations of carpet beetles in the hair, try adopting a solution. They can bite your skin, which may result in rashes and itching.

What attracts carpet beetles?

What attracts carpet beetles

The carpet beetles generally prefer the outdoor areas, but they can quickly enter your home if the conditions are favorable. If your home has warm conditions and good food, the carpet beetles will enter the house and love to stay there. They can feed on silk textile, carpets, and even hairs.

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation in your hair

Carpet beetles can eat wool, leather, and silk; therefore, prevention from these organisms is very important. But if you talk about hair, these can even enter human beings’ hairs and hide there.

  • You can feel something moving in your hair if the carpet beetles infest them.
  • The itchy feeling will irritate and indicate that the beetles have entered the hair.
  • You will feel the hair bitings the beetles tend to attach to the hair and bite them.

Can carpet beetles make your hair fall out?

Since the carpet beetles can bite your hair, it will lead to damage, and ultimately the hair will all out, resulting in hair thinning as the volume decreases.

How to get carpet beetles out of your hair

Your hair can serve as the dwelling place for the carpet beetles as they will love to live there, But their love for your hair can bring displeasure to you.

Use the comb with thin bristles

Similar to the case of lice, you can use the nit comb in eliminating the beetles too. It is different from an ordinary comb and will drag out all the beetles at once. Beetles are long than lice so that they will get out easily.

Wash the infested things

The comb that you use for the hair and all the other items should be washed frequently to avoid the beetles’ spread.


Carpet beetles can infest your hair and stay in there for a long time. It can cause a great amount of displeasure; therefore, getting the beetles out of hair is necessary. You have to take proper precautions and adopt some top techniques for getting the beetles out of the hair.