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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles naturally

If you have found your clothes, carpets, furniture, or curtains damaged, then you may have carpet beetles in your house. You can confirm on those multi-colored with pinhead-sized bugs or beetles found in your house which move slowly when touched then they are the carpet beetles and it is important for you to get rid of them. You are not alone in this situation if you have found the carpet beetles, but if you have found them, then it becomes your top priority to get rid of them.

What are carpet beetles?

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As implied from the name, caret beetles attack the carpets and things similar to the clothes such as rugs, fur, silk, wool, leather, and other material. They commonly damage the clothes moths, the adult carpet beetles feed flower pollen, and it does not damage any kind of other fabric such as wool. These beetles do not harm the people or humans as they only feed on the dead animal skin. 

How to Identify Carpet Beetles?

People often get confused about the carpet beetles with the bed bugs, but there is a huge difference between the two because carpet beetles feel on the dead animal skin, such as wool, silk whereas bed bugs feed on the living animal skin. Adult beetles have six legs, and have two antennae, and are oval. They have e long hair on their body and bands across the boy of beetles.

Life Cycle

The carpet beetles have to undergo or pass through many passes, such as first the egg, larval, and then the pupal stages, and then it develops the adult stage. The adult carpet beetles live for just 4 to 8 weeks. Most of these carpet beetles pass through the four-generation, and the beetles, which are black, develop only one stage.

Where do they live?

Carpet beetles are bugs that may live indoors and outdoors, but mostly they are found under the carpet, on your furniture, or in your cupboards, or may feed on your clothes. But if you talk about the female beetles, they lay eggs where they have an abundant food source.

Are carpet beetles harmful to humans?

This is the most common question that arises in the minds of the people that these carpet beetles are harmful to humans. But the answer is no. They are not harmful to humans or pets as they feed on the dead animal skin and not the living.

What are they attracted to?

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Carpet beetles are most attracted to clothes and other animal skin. The adult carpet beetles feed on the pollen instead of the fabric. These adult beetles are mostly attracted to the light. If you have a warm and comfortable home with an abundant food supply, it may attract the beetles.

How to trap carpet beetles?

There are so many things that you can do, as there are so many home remedy such as you can spray the vinegar and vacuum your house if you want to get rid of these carpet beetles. Keep your surroundings clean and launder the clothes and pillows.

Does Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetles?

 Yes, vinegar does help you in getting rid of killing the carpet beetles. You can use apple cider or white vinegar, which you can spray on the cupboard or the furniture, to clear all the dust and food residue.

Does Baking Soda Kill Carpet Beetles?

Yes, a person can use baking soda to kill the carpet beetles, and the best thing is it works so effectively. And not just killing the beetles, but you can also get rid of the beetles easily.

How to Eliminate carpet beetles naturally

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If you want to get rid of the carpet beetles naturally, you need to clean your house, and it is important to remove their eggs or larvae and adult beetles. Some of the ways that you can do at home are mentioned in the following points which help you with that:


You can just vacuum the area where you have found the beetles, such as curtains, carpets, rugs, and furniture.

Steam Cleaning

Once you vacuum the area, the next thing you need to do is steam clean the area. You need steam and heat to remove the remaining beetles and the eggs of the beetles.


The next time is laundering; you need to wash all your clothes, towels, linens, or pillows with hot water and detergent. If you think that the clothes are damaged enough that you will not be able to wear them, then it is better to put that in a plastic bag and dispose of them. 

Spray some vinegar

This is the important thing you need to do because it will remove the beetles completely from your house. You need to make a mixture of apple cider or white vinegar and water and spray it over the furniture, hangers, drawers, and cupboards to remove all the food residue and dirt from there.

Apply the boric acid

You can sprinkle this insecticide on the rugs, furniture, and carpet, and it will kill the beetles remaining there. You need to leave the boric acid or dust there for at least 2 hours, and then you can just clear them with the vacuum and then dispose of them in the vacuum bag.

How to Prevent carpet beetles from infesting your house?

If you already have carpet beetles in your house or are worried about having them soon, you need to take prevention against them so that you will be ready for every situation. Here are some of the things that you can do which will prevent you from these carpet beetles-

  • One of the main factors that you need to keep in mind is cleanliness; this is not a big task that you have to. Carpet beetles often feed on everything from textiles to stored food, so it is important to organize them properly and keep cleanliness in mind.
  • You should vacuum your house at least once a week to keep them away, and if they have already present in your house, you need to vacuum them daily.
  • If you are bringing any plant in your house, check it properly, and if they have any carpet beetles, then first get rid of them.