Does Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetle Larvae

Does Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetles?

If you look closely, then the problem related to carpet beetles is increasing day-by-day in most households. People are getting so many problems because of these beetles, and it has created a social buzz. The carpet beetles destroy the carpet, mattress, and any kind of fabric that they find. People used different and easy ways to get rid of them or to kill them permanently. If they stick themselves to the clothes, it can destroy not only the clothes but also causes so many skin diseases such as rashes, inching, and others.

There are several chemicals available in the market which is very useful on the beetles as it kills them but it also harmful for the humans. These chemicals are instant reliever, as it gives the relaxation to the people but it does not last for a long time, and even it is not safe for the people. That is why people always find some natural or organic way to deal with them, and one of them is vinegar.

Is It True That Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetles?

So, most people may have this question in their mind, that does vinegar will kill these carpet beetles. Then the answer is yes. The vinegar can kill the carpet beetles, and not only that, but it also repels them. You can apply the vinegar on the floor or even on the wooden furniture, which will kill these beetles. 

Even the scent of the vinegar does not allow them to enter the house for a short time. It is the best and organic method to kill the beetles and to eliminate them.

Does Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetle Larvae?

Does Vinegar Kill Carpet Beetle Larvae?

The next question that may arise in people’s minds is that the vinegar kills the carpet beetle but does it also kill their larvae? Then the answer to this question is also yes. It does kill the larvae of the beetles along with the adult beetles. As soon as they come in contact with the vinegar, the acidic nature of vinegar causes some harmful effects, which kills the beetles and also their larvae.

The vinegar also helps to kill or remove the beetles’ eggs, which are not grown yet and are at their larval stage. The amount of vinegar to get rid of the larvae is less than the adult beetles.

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How to Use the Vinegar to Kill Carpet Beetles?

 Vinegar is just a toxin for the carpet beetles because as soon as they get into contact with that, the beetles die. Here are some of the fantastic ways through which you can use the vinegar to kill these carpet beetles, and those are mentioned below:

  • If you look in your kitchen, you will find vinegar; it has various health benefits. You can pour it into some spray bottle and spray it in the house near the fabrics, and it will keep the beetles away.
  • This liquid can also be used while mopping the floor or the surfaces at your house. You can apply it near your bed, furniture, closet, and the smell will repel the beetles from that.