How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet 2021

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

The use of carpets is quite common and can be found almost everywhere. Rugs are usually a kind of textile floor covering traditionally placed on the foundations of one’s house, office, or any other place. There are many places where one will find carpet flooring instead of marble or tile flooring. The carpet usually makes the floor look attractive. The rug comes in many designs. There are plain colored carpets while some may have arrangements of flowers, paintings, etc. each one is attractive in its way and hence carpet is a must to have in homes or offices.

The Types of Carpets

As mentioned earlier, there are many carpets available in the market. People purchase rugs not only by looking at the design but also by looking at the material. There are carpets for the living room, for keeping outside the door as a doormat, while there are even carpets for the kitchen. Hence one must be aware of each type before buying the carpet. The design can be chosen according to the buyer.

Where to buy it?

See, people can even buy them offline, but there, the quality might differ. The shopkeeper might not be able to present all the features of the carpet. This is not the case in buying online. Online shopping will have the product’s image and the designs available with the company selling those carpets. The features will also be enlisted along with the product, and the reviews will further help people choose the right rug for their homes or any other place.

The Cleaning and Maintenance of the Carpet

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Carpet is used daily. The carpet can be used to wipe the dirt on shoes, wipe wet feet, and children and pets even play on these carpets. Hence cleaning is necessary. Since it lies in an open area, the dust gets accumulated on the mat. Thus regular cleaning is required. Ignoring the cleaning might be unhygienic to children and pets, leading to illness or sickness. Therefore undertake the cleaning of carpets and do no ignore it.

Cleaning Frequencies From Industry’s Official 

The carpet would often need heavy cleaning to clean up the dirt and dust from it, and you might wonder How often should you clean your carpet. So, the following points would tell you how to clean it up in extreme conditions, with heavy or medium soil.

Extreme conditions 

In extreme conditions, the carpet is cleaned using hot water extraction along with some alkaline-based products. Then the automatic cleaning tool (wand) is to run over it for the further cleaning process. 

Heavy Soil

The heavily soiled rugs are cleaned using a steam-cleaner. Mostly the water-jet nozzles are containing cleaning solutions. 

Medium Soil

Medium soiled carpets are cleaned using hot water extraction and vacuum or brush to remove them. These methods are pretty simple to use, and finally, the carpet is rinsed and dried.

Light Soil

The methods to remove light soil debris are simple and could be done easily with vacuuming and brushing or using any light spray without saturating the carpet. 

Influencing Factors

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Cleaning anything has no disadvantage. It is good to maintain a healthy environment. It also helps to reduce the chances of sickness or illness. The main reason for getting ill is staying in an unhygienic environment. Hence cleaning is necessary. The following factors influence How often you should clean your carpet:


The first benefit is that the cleaning of the carpet reduces the risk of pollutants and allergens. These may include dirt and dust particles, which are harmful to health. Asthmatic people must keep themselves away from dust and dirt as this may be harmful to them. Hence regular cleaning will avoid the occurrence of such allergens.


People use carpets to make a place look more comfortable and attractive. People can sleep on a rug, use it as a play area, and other uses. Cleaning of carpet is quite necessary, and below are some of the benefits that will help one know why cleaning of carpet is important.

The places where humidity is high can make one’s carpet damp. This may further lead to the occurrence of mold in one’s house. Regular cleaning of carpet will avoid this kind of problem. It is advisable to use clean the carpet with water and a little vinegar. This will help to reduce the risk of mold.


Apart from washing the carpet with water, the dust accumulated on the carpet due to factors like shoes or dirt can also be cleaned with vacuum cleaners. Vacuuming the carpet regularly will ensure the removal of dust particles from the environment. This ultimately means that one can breathe fresh air in the background without getting trouble from dust particles and other allergens.

One cannot rest comfortably on those carpets which have a lot of dust particles in them. This will ultimately affect the health and mind of a person. Regular cleaning of the carpet would eliminate this problem.


Pet hair can cause breathing problems to people. Clean or vacuum the carpet to remove the pet hair to ensure the health safety of the members of the house.

Carpet Color

Cleaning a carpet will always give a new look. It has been stated that regular maintenance and cleaning can increase the life expectancy of the carpets. The cleaning activities like vacuuming a light brushing will surely increase the neatness and make the carpet look new every time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?


Can You Clean Your Carpet At Home?

Many carpets have washable home tags. This means that people can easily wash them at their homes in a washing machine or with their hands using soap water. One must not use any brush on the carpet as this may spoil the material of which the carpet is made up of. Only immerse the carpet in soap water and then use the dryer to dry it efficiently. Lastly, hang it in sunlight so that it dries quickly and use it again. The same process shall be followed when the carpet has to be cleaned. Those carpets that do not have washable home tags deliver it to a drycleaning center and handle the rest of the cleaning part.

When Do You Need to Call The professional?

Some people do not want to wash their carpets. This might be due to laziness, or another reason can be that people do not know the exact way of washing or cleaning a carpet. For this people can hire professionals who can perform this task very easily. With the change in times, people can search for cleaning and maintenance services online, and from there itself, they can hire a professional to do the task. There are many companies that one will get online regarding the cleaning services of the carpet. Select the top-rated service company, and the company would end the professional at your doorstep to do the carpet cleaning task.