Does Cold Weather Kill Fleas?

Cold winter is usually a predator for some pests. They die due to the harsh weather, but unfortunately, some problems even survive in cold winter. Fleas are a part of the pests. Fleas love warm, comfy weather. In cold weather, fleas speed slows down, but it doesn’t mean this ends or stops. Your home may see fewer fleas entrance, but still, you might find some.

Life Cycle of a flea

In comparison to other insects, the life duration of fleas is not that long. The life cycle of flea starts from eggs hatching to larva to pupa before entering the final stage. The process somehow takes 2-3 weeks from several months, depending on the internal and external conditions. 

How Long Can Fleas Live Without A Host?

How Long Can Fleas Live Without A Host

Flea’s life cycle passes through various stages. However, they are free to jump but don’t travel long-distance without a host. Adult fleas without the host can live few days to two-three weeks. 

Eggs and Larvae

Fleas lay around four to eight eggs as soon as they have their meal, with the paramount concentration of eggs laying occurs within few days of the female life span. The eggs are not at all sticky and fall on the ground after they are laid off. The eggs turn into larva in 10-12 days.


The larva is hatched from the eggs. The animal host let it fall after the female adult has laid off. The nymph seeks a comfy place to lie down, such as carpet, cushion, or furniture. Flea usually loves the humid and warm temperature, so does the larva; they need around 44-50 humidity; otherwise, they will die.


It is the life stage of fleas undergoing to transform into the adult. The pupae stage lasts for weeks, months, and sometimes years. The duration ultimately depends upon the weather that is affecting it.

Adults Males

Generally, adult males come out from their cocoons a little before the female adult fleas. No matter the male fleas might come out before the female ones, but the female fleas are always more in the count. With the correct food supply, the male adults can live for several months or years.

Adult Females

The female adult fleas have a blood meal before she meets the host and lays eggs. Adult female fleas are always more in number than male fleas. The females are sensitive to heat and light. That is the way larva is hidden behind the objects.

How to Get Rid of Fleas Naturally?

Various homemade or natural tricks can help in getting rid of fleas naturally. 

  • Utensils soaps – this dish soap is high in ph scale, which creates a problem for the fleas if they contact them.
  • Natural flea sprays – are seen in many houses that people make their natural spray using home kinds of stuff instead of purchasing chemicals. These homemade sprays are the big enemy of fleas.
  • Baking soda – if you are struggling with lots of fleas in your house. Then baking soda can become your instrument in the cleaning of the flea. However, you can increase the effectiveness by using baking soda.